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Acute Pain Service module

Manage acute pain on the go with the MetaVision AIMS

The Acute Pain Service module, part of the MetaVision AIMS, is designed to help improve patient comfort while reducing side effects and length of stay. A multi-disciplinary team of specialists, including anaesthetists, acute pain nurses, and pharmacists, use MetaVision’s Acute Pain Service module on their tablets or laptops to quickly assess their patients’ status and easily document the recommended course of treatment.

Increase patient safety and work more efficiently


Receive, track and manage referrals
The APS dashboard provides an overview of all patients, their treatment plans, pain scores and location so that pain team rounds can be planned according to priority and efficiency of workflow.

All the data you need at a glance
Clinicians have a single source for reviewing and recording all necessary information, without having to open other screens. Using MetaVision, the pain team sees all the patient information, patient history and the most recent assessments in one place, ensuring they have the data they need to make informed decisions.

The APS team gets a visual display of the patient’s trajectory of pain, and identifies when it subsides or intensifies. There is data transparency within the care team, so all members are always up to date with the most recent and accurate patient data, and can send each other messages via the system if need be.

Enhanced medication management
Using the APS module, pain team members ensure that they prescribe the optimal type, dose and frequency of pain medication and manage all modalities for pain reduction, including oral, regional, and infusions.The medication list can be filtered to highlight the drugs used for pain management, enabling clinicians to easily hone in on the data they need.

MetaVision provides graphical and tabular representation of pain scores in comparison with current pharmaceutical treatments. The system can be customised to provide order sets for the most common pain management medications and doses, making documentation and ordering faster and less prone to error. 

Support for best practices and protocols
MetaVision provides automatic calculations for pain, sedation and bromage scores and highlights out of range values, generating notifications when necessary. The system enforces documentation and compliance for any hospital protocol using a rules-based engine that tracks changes in patient status, and prompts clinicians to take action when necessary.

Streamline handover and discharge
A copy of the acute pain record is available as part of the patient’s discharge plan, and can be exported via email to other healthcare professionals for handover and/or referral. Upon discharge, patients can receive an optional pain management plan. The handover page contains patient profiles, concerns and plans for colleagues for follow-up.